Business Law

Business and corporate law includes issues involving the formation of business entities, non profit corporations, contracts, securities law, and franchise law. If you seek assistance in any of these area, contact a MKE business attorney.

Milwaukee Business Attorney

If you’re starting a new business then hiring an attorney could be one of the best things you could do for yourself. While you shouldn’t consider an attorney if you don’t have the capital or budget for it, a good representative can otherwise greatly benefit you as a business.

Legal Advice: If you’re like most entrepreneurs then you might not know a great deal about ‘business’. Sure you know about the business that you’re starting, but do you know whether it’s better to incorporate yourself as an LLC, as a Company, or sole proprietor is better? What about which licenses you will need to operate legally? Probably not. If you happen to know this sort of thing then you’re one of the few who do. A lawyer on the other hand, will be able to help you out and point out the best way to go to save money.

Paperwork: Did you know that most lawyers can draft up paperwork like contracts, terms of service, and the like? If you haven’t been to law school, aren’t familiar with technical lingo, or don’t know what has to be in a contract, then an attorney is an ideal solution.

Registering Legal Property: Is your business based on something that is your intellectual property? If you want to copyright or trademark names, logos, ideas, symbols, or whatever else you have, then a lawyer will make the process easy by doing it for you.

Taxes: Many lawyers off tax services or tax advice, which can be invaluable when it comes time to pay Uncle Sam. Your lawyer will be able to register you for federal and state taxes, point out discounts, and advise you of tax consequences of items that you do throughout the year. However, your accountant should do your actual taxes.

Everything Else: Even if you never have to face a worst case scenario where someone sues your business, an attorney can be immensely helpful for your business. The sheer value of business legal advice can keep you out of trouble with the government by ensuring that you have the proper paperwork and documentation, that you register and license your business appropriately, and that you have copyrighted all of your intellectual property. Exact services do tend to vary depending on the lawyer in question, but most lawyers do offer a lot of services for businesses.

A good attorney can handle a lot of items that can be hugely beneficial to almost any type of business. Most Milwaukee attorneys will be able to work for you for a few hours a month, which puts your costs at a minimum, while ensuring that you benefit from the services.

So? How doesn’t a lawyer benefit you when you’re starting a business? They cost money. But what they can save you in terms of time, fees, and tax deductions might be oh so much more than their hourly fee. Are you planning on hiring an attorney for your business?