Criminal Defense

If you’re facing or potentially facing a criminal charge of any kind, then hiring a criminal defense attorney may be in your best interest. While the rule of thumb is that any case where you are arrested or might be arrested calls for a criminal defense attorney, criminal defense lawyers typically handle the following cases and situations. A MKE criminal defense attorney protects the rights of clients accused of crimes such as felonies, misdemeanors, traffic tickets, DUI -DWI, and juvenile law. The following attorneys have experience dealing with criminal defense in the Milwaukee area. If you have been arrested or just want to know more about your rights, contact one of these MKE criminal defense lawyers today.

Most criminal defense attorneys in Milwaukee work with a variety of different criminal charges ranging from domestic violence to theft to fraud, forgery, embezzlement, driving under the influence, violence crimes, sex crimes, drug crimes, and a wide variety of other cases. If you’re arrested for a criminal activity, then a criminal defense attorney is probably where you should be going.

Milwaukee Criminal Defense

Pre-Charge: If you haven’t been charged yet, a criminal defense attorney can still help. Usually by advising you on your best course of action, familiarizing themselves with the case for after you’ve been charged, and helping you with details such as your initial arrest. Usually, they will also instruct you on what to say during questioning, try to get charges dropped by the court before you are charged, or immediately begin negotiating a plea bargain should you know you will be found guilty. A criminal defense lawyer can fully investigate your case and then take it to court before the charges are made. For example, if the officer who made the arrest did not have probable cause to do so, if evidence was lost or mishandled, or if any other laws were not followed exactly, they can find out about it to try to get the charges dropped.

At Trial: A criminal defense attorney is most valuable after you’ve been charged of a crime, as it is their job to present your case in such a way as to reduce or remove your sentence. If you are innocent, then they will present the case to attempt to prove that. If you are not innocent, they will present the case to either attempt to get a not-guilty vote, to reduce your sentence as much as possible, or in the case of overwhelming evidence, work with you on a plea bargain to attempt to reduce your sentence as much as possible in exchange for pleading guilty. A good defense attorney will research your case and prepare it before the trial, so that on the day, you and they know exactly what to say to your best advantage in front of the judge or jury.

After Trial: If your trial did not go well, a criminal defense attorney will help with the appeals process to help reduce the sentence after the fact. If it did go well, then they can help to make sure that your charges are dropped from your record, so that they don’t come up when you are looking for a job.

A criminal defense attorney can help you if you’ve been arrested, whether you’re facing charges or not. Usually, they can be valuable in almost every part of a case, from being released, to questioning, to preparing a statement, and so on. If you or a loved one is arrested, calling an attorney right away is usually a good idea.

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