social security lawyer St.LouisMany people find the process of applying for social security benefits to be quite complex and in turn seek a social security lawyer to help them.  If you are applying for Social Security or disability benefits, having a Milwaukee Social Security Attorney or Law Firm can greatly improve the chances of getting your case approved. A social security attorney may not sound like an essential part of a social security or disability related case, but they are extremely important if you want to win. Social security attorneys provide a number of valuable services, and can help you with the necessary details to win your case. While some of the reasons to hire a social security attorney include convenience and peace of mind, that might not be enough for you. Instead, here are a few things that a social security attorney can help you with should you hire him or her.

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Things a MKE Social Security Attorney Can Help You With

Paperwork: Most of us have no real idea of how to work through or prepare the complicated paperwork that goes into opening a disability case. When you hire a social security lawyer, they will fill out the paperwork for you, in the correct order, and ensure that it is submitted for you to get you the initial hearing. They will also ensure that you have all of the necessary forms and papers you need to press your case, and win it. This might include your medical records, doctor’s opinions, or even vocational experts depending on your case. Most lawyers will also be familiar with specific judges, local restrictions and requirements, and other details that you couldn’t possibly know unless you regularly attend an SSI or SSD court. Statistics actually show that you’re twice as likely to get a hearing if you have an attorney on your side.

The Case Itself: If you’re thinking of filing a social security or disability claim, then a social security attorney may be your best bet for actually winning the case. While there are several other reasons to hire an attorney, winning is your most important concern. Winning disability cases is often very difficult, and having someone who is familiar with the law, its loopholes, and its regulations on your side is a very strong point in your favor.

Winning more Backpay: Finally, a professional Social Security Lawyer can press the claim to get you the full amount of your claim, or the ‘Most Favorable Onset Date’. Most cases without a lawyer do not get the most favorable onset date, although it is still possible.

Social Security Law Resources

Social Security Administration    http://www.ssa.gov/

Skip the Hearing: Did you know that you may be able to skip the hearing if you are eligible for on the record backpay? Your lawyer will be able to take your medical information to a judge pre-hearing, and if the judge makes a short-decision that you are eligible for backpay, then you don’t need the hearing at all. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to do this yourself, unless you know the judge.

Essentially, having a social security lawyer on your side means boosting your chances of getting a hearing, improving your chances of winning, and winning more when that happens. Lawyers are professionals who are extremely familiar with laws, know which parts of your case to highlight and which not to, and know what is going to take care of.