St Louis DWI AttorneyA DWI could negatively effect the rest of your life by resulting in a permanent criminal record, loss of your driving privileges, community service, higher insurance costs, jail, hefty fines and the loss of your job. If you are arrested for driving under the influence you have the right to be represented by a Milwaukee DWI Attorney. If you’ve been charged with a DUI-DWI (Driving under the Influence/Driving While Intoxicated), then hiring an attorney is your best option. While you may have been rightfully charged, an attorney can still help you to make the best of the situation, for several reasons. If you’ve been wrongly charged, or were treated inhumanely during the arrest, the attorney may even be able to get the charges dropped. While the charges and severity of a DUI/DWI vary depending on the state and your blood alcohol level at the time of the arrest, a lawyer can still help you.

Hire a MKE Lawyer If You Have Been Charged with a DUI-DWI

What Does a DUI/DWI Attorney Do?: A DUI/DWI attorney specializes in handling DUI cases, and is familiar with all aspects of the case. This means that they understand how to administer a breathalyzer, normal behavior, the laws pertaining police arresting citizens, and all of your rights. This allows them to assess the case based on the specific circumstances, and then use their in depth knowledge of the field to attempt to reduce the charges, or even have them dropped altogether. Because DUI/DWI attorneys only work with DUI cases, they have experience in handling the proceedings, and immediately know what to do in the situation.

If You Have a Previous DUI/DWI Conviction: If you’ve had a previous DUI or DWI conviction then you definitely need an attorney or you may face criminal charges for negligence, could lose your license, face jail time, or heavy fines depending on the judge. A Milwaukee DUI attorney can represent you and help to reduce your sentence as much as possible in order to get you the best outcome. While they cannot make charges disappear, unless they can prove that the breathalyzer was taken incorrectly, you were pulled over illegally, or a similar case, they can help to ensure that you are presented to the judge and jury in the best possible light. 

If You Were Involved in an Accident: If you were involved in an accident and it was either your fault or the person at fault has not yet been determined, then a DUI attorney can help. By handling forms properly, managing the process for you, and dealing with the appropriate authorities, including the DMV, scheduling your motor vehicle suspension hearing, and using their knowledge of the law to get you the best possible outcome, they can make the process much easier, and in some cases, even reduce your sentence, fine, or penalty.

If You Don’t Understand Your Rights: Even if it is your first DUI or DWI, you can face heavier fees and fines, or a heavier penalty if you don’t understand your rights. One example is that if you do not fill out the paperwork correctly, or miss the 10 day deadline that some states impose on filing, you could face heavier fines. Knowing your rights, what should happen, and how police should have treated you can help you to either have the charges dropped or the sentence reduced. An attorney can also help you with cases where it is very unlikely that you be charged with a DUI, such as if your blood alcohol level was just below or right at 0.8.

If the Charge Isn’t Accurate: If you think that you’ve been incorrectly charged, you can ask an attorney to help you fight the charges. A lawyer can use their knowledge of breathalyzer tests and submit a requisition to show any tests to the court to help get the charges dropped.

If You Are Facing Criminal Charges: If you are facing any sort of DWI or DUI criminal charges then you most likely need an attorney. While you still could face hefty court fines, high penalties, and license suspension, the lawyer can help to ensure that fines are as low as possible.

If Your BAC was Higher Than .08:If your BAC was higher than .11 at the time of the arrest, then you are facing an aggravated DWI/DUI which is a criminal charge, and will likely result in license suspension. A lawyer is a very good idea in this case, because you could also face jail time and high fees. An attorney can help to keep the mandated fees and jail time as low as possible, and may be able to bargain a deal for you.

Sentence Bargaining: Sentence bargaining is at the core of every DUI/DWI attorney’s services. By bargaining with the judge to help reduce your sentence, plea to remove a criminal conviction, or otherwise help you. If you are in a profession where a criminal conviction will prevent you from getting a job, or could result in your suspension or the revocation of your license, then this is even more important.

If you’ve been charged with a DUI or DWI, an attorney can help you for many reasons. However, the easiest one to consider is that most offer free initial consultations, so you can talk about your case to see if it is worth your time and money to hire one.