Intellectual Property

MKE intellectual property attorney counsels in legal areas such as patents, trademarks, copyright, and domain names. If you have legal needs involving intellectual property law, contact a Milwaukee attorney or law firm. If you have a business in need of trademarking, a company, think that someone is infringing on your copyright, or want to file a copyright or trademark, then an intellectual property attorney is an option for you. Intellectual property attorneys deal in intellectual property such as ideas, inventions, artwork (music, paintings, drawings, books, etc.), and for that reason, are sometimes called trademark or patent lawyers. Depending on your needs, your level of experience, and the size of your issue, you might want an intellectual property attorney for a variety of reasons, including some of the following issues.

MKE Intellectual Property 


Things an Intellectual Property Attorney Can Help You With

Filing a Copyright, Trademark, or Patent: If you have created intellectual property such as a business trademark, a slogan, a book, a song, or a painting then you probably want to register it as yours in order to protect your idea. An intellectual property attorney can do so quickly and effectively so that your property is registered as yours as quickly as possible. While you can register property on your own, using an attorney means that you know for certain that the  process was done correctly, that everything was filed so that it’s easy to find and tell that it’s yours, and that you won’t have any issues with it later. Registering intellectual property is important for protecting it on the web, and for ensuring that others do not copy it for their own use.

Business Copyright Management: If you have a business with a trademark, multiple copyrights, or multiple patents, then you may need a full time intellectual property attorney to manage your property. In this case, an attorney can ensure that infringement cases are handled properly, manage all of your patents and copyrights to ensure that they don’t expire, and keep up with new intellectual property as it is created. Because managing copyright is a full job in itself, some choose to hire a full time copyright manager rather than a patent lawyer for this position.

Claiming Infringement: If someone is infringing on your copyright or intellectual property (even if you don’t have a copyright) then an intellectual property lawyer can help. While the terms of the case vary depending on whether you have a copyright or not, an intellectual property attorney can set about proving that the content belongs to you or that you created it first, in order to force the other party to take your work down or to pay subsidiary rights. In the case of a copyrighted incidence, you can also have an attorney send cease and desist letters and follow appropriate legal conduct leading up to court.

Licensing Agreements: Licensing agreements are a must in terms of most intellectual property and an attorney can help you with them. An attorney can draw up contracts, make sure that both parties are getting a good deal, negotiate for you, and create the agreement with another party. If you’re not sure about the legalese involved with creating a licensing agreement, then a lawyer is actually a must. This is especially true if you are working with property that has the potential to make a great deal of money in terms of viewing or streaming rights, although smaller agreements, such as licensing to use a photo as a book cover, do not always require a lawyer.

Defending Intellectual Property: If the defense or infringement of your intellectual property does make it all the way to court, an intellectual property attorney can defend you in court. This involves creating a case, going to court, and presenting that case the judge and jury, as well as researching and presenting information. Lawyers can handle most aspects of cases, both industrial and personal, which is ideal if you have no idea where to start. They can also defend you in case someone is claiming property infringement, and you disagree with their stance. If a case does go to court, then a lawyer will ensure that you get fair representation, although it does not guarantee that you will win the case.

Intellectual property attorneys are becoming more and more important, especially with online material which is easy to infringe and copy. Whether you own a business, a large company, or are an artist with intellectual property, an attorney can ensure that it is registered as yours, that you get fair compensation when your property is used elsewhere, and that your trademarks are used appropriately. There are many reasons to hire an intellectual property attorney, including some not listed here, because they can help you with almost anything concerning intellectual property.