If you’re wondering ‘what is a drug class action lawsuit’, then you could either be filing one, deciding whether you can file one, or just learning about your personal rights options for the future. An action lawsuit is any lawsuit that is undertaken in the event to sue for damages done. A Drug Class Action Lawsuit is one that is undertaken when a medical drug either does not work as advertised, or causes harmful side effects not advertised on the warning label. Drug class action lawsuits have been filed against hundreds of prescription brands of medication that are still on the market today, and have often been the cause of a drug being withdrawn from the market. If you have suffered damages because of your medication, there is no reason why you cannot receive compensation for it. 

Most people don’t know that there are more than thirty drugs available on the market today that are currently having drug class action lawsuits filed against them. Some of these include everything from diabetes medication to anti-depressants and everything in between. If you or a family member has been a victim of a bad side-effect of a drug, then you should consider filing a drug class action lawsuit. The side effects must be serious and impose health concerns, especially if not listed on the bottle. Before you contact a lawyer, consider going over all side-effects listed on the bottle to ensure that it is not listed, as this will cause your lawsuit to be invalid.

Another instance in which it is possible to file a drug action lawsuit is if you feel that you have been grossly overcharged for the product. This means if you have been charged more than the norm (I.E. $400 rather than $200), you can file for damages in order to receive your money.

Should I File a Drug Class Action Lawsuit?

If you want to file a drug class action lawsuit, then you will have to get a lawyer. There are hundreds, if not thousands of lawyers who specialize in filing drug class action lawsuits so you should look around. Many lawyers file for specific drug types because there are often direct channels that one can go through to file for the drug. Look around in your local area to find a lawyer who either has experience filing drug class action lawsuits against the drug you would like to file against, or who has experience filing drug class action lawsuits. Remember that the more experienced your lawyer is, the more likely you are to win your case.

Your eventual settlement will be determined by a court with a judge and a jury. The best way to win your drug class action lawsuit is to present a reasonable amount of evidence as well as why you believe the drug was the cause. Or, if you are filing for refund or monetary re-imbursement for overcharging, you can simply present your receipts along with records of traditional costs.