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St Louis work comp lawyerA work injury can prevent an employee from returning to work or keep them from performing the everyday tasks that were once their job.  Many feel that they do not want to file a claim as it will result in poor standing with their current or future employer. A work comp or workers compensation attorney focuses on workers compensation, benefits and claims for job related illnesses, injury, and job compensation. If you want to apply for this compensation, need help, have an issue or a dispute, or feel that you should be getting more compensation, then an attorney can help you. Importantly, a work comp attorney can also help you work out a contract so that you get the compensation you deserve, rather than what the company thinks is the cheapest that they can give you.

Milwaukee Workers Compensation Lawyer

Types of things a MKE Work Comp Attorney can Help You With

Applying for Compensations or Benefits: If you want to apply for workers compensation or benefits after a work related injury, accident, or illness, then an attorney is the best place to go. Not only will they be able to help you out with filing the right paperwork, they will already have an idea of how much you should receive based on your job, the companies insurance, the extent of your injury or illness, and other details. They will also fill out paperwork for the best effect, ensure that you have all of your paperwork, and ensure that everything is set up to give you the maximum chance of getting your compensation. Most employers will be more strict with following proper legal routes and ensuring that your compensation matches up with the law if there is an attorney involved, so hiring an attorney is also a good way to go if you want to ensure that everything goes smoothly, or your employer has a history of offering too little compensation, or disputing claims.

Work Compensation Disputes: If your employer or their insurance company is disputing your workers compensation application then you can hire an attorney to help fight the dispute. Employers will often dispute claims, even valid ones, for no reason other than the fact that they don’t necessarily want to part with money, which means that if you fight for your compensation, you can still get it. Make sure that you discuss your situation, share all of the documentation, and be honest with the attorney so that they can help you to fight the dispute and renegotiate the compensation so that you get the best possible outcome from the dispute. While you might not win every time, they can do their best to ensure that you do, and greatly increase your chances over disputing it on your own.
Appealing Denied Claims: Lack of Compensation Insurance – If your employer does not have Workers Comp Insurance, then you may want to seek out an attorney to make sure that they do pay. Because most companies are required to have workers compensation insurance, this should not usually be a problem, but in case not, an attorney can help to ensure that everything works out. Employers are less likely to dispute or deny a claim in the first place if there is an attorney involved, but if you haven’t had one from the start, then now is a good time to get one.

Not Enough Compensation: If you’ve been awarded workers compensation and feel that you should be getting more than you were awarded, you can hire a work comp attorney to help you renegotiate the terms in order to increase the compensation. Because most employers, and workers compensation insurance companies, will automatically attempt to offer the absolute lowest amount available, you can dispute the rate if you feel that you deserve or need more. This sort of dispute is difficult to win on your own, because you first have to prove that you deserve more compensation, and then have to go through legal proceedings and renegotiate the compensation. An attorney is an easier way to ensure that you actually get the dispute open so that you can get more compensation.

Accusations of Fraud: If you’ve been accused of workers compensation fraud then you can choose to consult with an attorney whether or not you’re actually guilty. The attorney will review your case and then help you to defend yourself, or get the best outcome. Because this sort of thing can be tricky, it is important to have an attorney to properly present your case.

If you’ve been injured, have a work caused illness, or otherwise need workers compensation, then a lawyer is the easiest way to ensure that you get your compensation, get the amount you deserve, and as quickly as possible. If you’re not sure, you can usually ask for a consultation, or discuss your needs and expectations with an attorney before officially hiring them for your case.